Tuesday, 7 May 2013

AWOL... Small Update


Everyone, I need to apologies for my lack of content in the last month and a bit..

I have been very busy with my hobby but I have not been taking pictures for some reason.. well, one reason is I forgot my camera for several events. And I have been very VERY busy painting my Khador Warmachine army.. I would say I am in the 90% area now of my painting. Also, did some work on my 15mm.

I am currently on the road again for work, so I dont have access to any of my stuff for the next few weeks but I did want to say that I was in a Warmachine, 50pt, one list caster kill tourney while I was home in which I won, and went undefeated... Took a Tier 4 Karchev Iron Curtain List. Happy about that..

Also been working on a few other projects and also got involved in my first kickstarter and got myself a nice pledge for the upcoming Robotech Game!! The price is to good to miss out on, and besides, its FREAKING Robotech! If you only ever plan on getting involved with one kickstarter, then this is the one to get in on.. Even if its just for the minis!

Robotech® RPG Tactics� -- Kicktraq Mini