Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tomorrows War - Village Battle Shots..

So, here are a few more pics on my smaller 2x2 table.

Blue and Green forces are both tasked with entering the small outpost and capture what ever buildings they could. The Buildings are worth a VP between 0-3 VPs. Which was determined after the end of turn 4. Recon Overview of the Outpost. Green Team enters from NW quadrant, while Blue Team enters from the SE quadrant. Both Forces equal strength and equipped. D8/D8
Green Team 1 and 2 wins the INI. Green Team gets into the top left building while Green Team 2 runs towards the lower left building.
Blue Team 1 takes up positions in the bottom right building
While BT 2 moves north towards the upper right hand building.
Green Team 2 and Blue Team 1 engage each other, taking shots across the narrow gap between buildings.
Green Team 1 goes onto Overwatch.
Blue Team 2 Pops smoke to try and grab the last building across the open street but is mowed down and pinned behind the steel fence.
Blue Team moves out of the building to provide First Aid to its fallen team members, taking several wounds disengaging. It gets to BT 2 to find out there were several serious wounds and even a KIA. Green Team 1 fires as it moves up to engage the Blue Teams.. more wounds are caused and BT 2 is pinned.
Turn 4, for kicks, started with the remaining Blue team charging GT 1, and getting mowed down by the defensive fire. Blue team concedes, and Green Team wins with 1 building worth 1VP.
Very fun fast game, took only 30 mins or so once everything was explained.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Forces on Parade

Just finished all of the troops for Tomorrows War!! Took me almost of a year from when I first picked up a brush, but its been a labor of love, with most of that love over the past 3 weeks.

Anyways, here are the forces on the UNSC by Ground Zero Games

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tomorrows War - WIP Shots...

I almost have all my GZG UNSC troops completed. Just need to do the tidy up of the bases and I am ready to go. Here is the scheme I am running with.. Kind off a martian desert world base...

I still have work to do on them, such as tidy up the edges, add a wash to the stones, clean off the sides.. but, yesterday, not one of the 40 odd guys were based.. today, they are all done to this level..

That makes me happy. Cause as soon as I get these finished, I am off to the vehicles. 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Surviving The Ambush - Tomorrows War

Figured I post a slide show of the most recent game I played. Ill post a bat rep of this in a few days.

But for now, enjoy..

Table layout.. 15mm Scale City

Hey all..

Below is a part of my city I am working on. The goal, is to make four 2x2 city blocks that I can put together to make a larger city.

So here is the one particular quarter that I am working on. I am really enjoying the Quick Scenic's from World Works.. I so far made 2 necrotech buildings, and 1 Corporate building. But they really pop when you add on the extra detail like the balconies and main archway.. so, when I make a few more buildings, I am then gonna spend the time making the extras.

Really gonna be fun to play on!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Disengaging Fire Fight... Tomorrows War

So, I have been home now 2 days, and I needed to play a game. So I decided to have a small solo game of Tomorrows War. Pitting two equal forces against each other using the random mission generator rules.

Here is a brief report on what happened.

Green Team. Quality D8/Morale D8, Confident.
Fire Team 1
Squad Leader
Trooper w/ SAW
Trooper w/ Missile Launcher

Fire Team 2
Squad Leader
Trooper w/ SAW
Trooper w/ Missile Launcher

Green Mission: Breaking Contact
Green teams having to deploy with in 3 inches of the center mark, their mission is to withdraw at least half of their forces off the table by turn 4.

Blue Team Quality D8/Morale D8, Confident.
Fire Team Bravo 1

Squad Leader
Trooper w/ SAW
Trooper w/ Missile Launcher

Fire Team Bravo 2
Squad Leader
Trooper w/ SAW
Trooper w/ Missile Launcher

Blue Mission: Hold What You Have
Blue Teams having to deploy with in 3 inches of the center mark, their mission to capture and hold both objectives by the end off the game. Bottom middle building, and upper left building are Blue Teams objectives.

Board Set Up

Already Owning an Objective, Blue Team is half way there!

Turn 1:
Green team wins the initiative roll and quickly starts to disengage from the combat. Green Team 2, quickly goes into overwatch. G2 being the team on the upper right. While Green team 1 pops some smoke and prepares to run. This provokes BT 1 to fire at GT1, GT2 on overwatch fires at BT1
Getting ready to pop smoke

Withdrawing under fire. Using Smoke!

 The resulting fire fight results in BT 1 having a KIA and a light wound, while GT2 takes a serious wound and a light wound. BT2 takes exchanges fire with GT2. No one is hurt or injured during this round of fire.

Contact Left!

Their getting away!

Turn 2, sees Green Team win initiative again, this time GT1 Sets up overwatch, giving cover to GT2's withdraw. GT2 Pops smoke, hoping to get away, dragging its wounded men with them. Both BT1 and BT2 tries to pin down GT2, but with with effective cover fire from GT1, and the use of its smoke, GT2 is able to with draw from the field, wounded men and all. BT1 squad leader takes light wound.
GT1 goes on Overwatch, while GT2 prepares to run.

Nothing but smoke!

GT1 lights up BT1
Turn 3,

Green team wins Initiative again. GT1 needs to get out of their fast so attempts to withdraw. BT1 fire is ineffective, allowing GT1 to get out of the building and out of sight of both BT1 and BT2. BT2 runs across the open court yard in attempts to capture its last objective.

Turn 4
Blue team wins the initiative roll, and prepares to capture the last building before GT1 can get off the table. BT 1 order is to move and fire. GT1 reacts with moving off the table. BT2 loses the reaction test with GT1, BT 1 runs to the building, but GT1 has already left to combat zone.
Green Team 1, is able to withdraw before Blue Team 2 was able to draw a bead.

Green Team VPs 19 (Objective Completed Yes 15pts, 1 KIA 2pts , 2 WIA 2 Pts)
Blue Team VPs  2 (Objective Completed No 0pts, 2 WIA  2 Pts)

Major Victory: Green Team

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Work, Travel and Space Wolves...


Some people may be wondering, how come not many updates after the mad influx of stuff a few weeks ago?

Well, thats cause I travel for work, and I am gone for 3-4 weeks at a time. So, while I am away I usually dont get to post things.

What I do do, is take a small paint kit with me and paint while I am away. I try to paint a few things every couple of days or so. That way, when I get home I am that much further ahead, as I tend to make terrain and work on my tables.

 Well I can say, so far this time away I have not painted as many 15mm figures as I would have liked. I only got maybe 12 done in about 2 weeks, when I was hoping for about twice that.

But I figured I would post some of my older stuff I been working on with my 40K aspect. I really want to keep this site active, so Ill show you some of my projects.

I mentioned before I play 40K, but I stopped last year, refusing to play another game until 6th got released and they updated the Chaos Codex.. Well, time is getting close and I am starting to fight the urge to go out and buy the new rule book..

Anyways, I have only two armies now.. Chaos Space Marines, and Space Wolves (who also stand in for Ultramarines when in the mood to play Calgar :-D )

Below is one of my WIP Lone Wolf.

Here I have 3 space wolves which are intended to have the Marks of the Wulfen. They all have the open face mask, and some sort of ancient weapon. So here is two grey hunters and a scout (in the middle)

Here, in this one is one of my Space wolf scouts with a plasma pistol.

And to close it all off, here is my scratch built custom wolf priest I am working on as well.

And just a slide show of more of the above.