Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Milo Melee Against Cancer Charity Event

Last week, my wife and I discovered that one of our dogs was diagnosed with having a form of skin cancer. Milo (A purebred Jack Russel Terrier Shorty) had to get a surgery to remove several tumors and there was no hesitation on us getting him in for it. Although healthcare in Canada is free, it does not extend to pets we had to dig deep to arrange the funds to cover for his surgery.

Resting the day after surgery. He is doing so much better on Day 2!

6 inch scar on his side from one tumor, one more on his elbow and one off his chest.

The local gaming community where I lived found out and quickly and on extremely short notice put together a small fundraising tournament of Warmachine/Hordes to help out. It goes with out saying that Milo, my wife and I are greatly moved by the care and support offered from all of them. From sales, private donations and from the Tourney we raised $700. This is a huge help in helping Milo get the help he needs.

The gaming community,  also know as Kitchen Warfare (group name on facebook) and Outcast Gaming (a newly opened game store in St. Johns also found on Facebook) provided the competitors and venue (free of charge).

Thank you all for your help and support at this time.

Kitchen Warfare members, the owner of Outcast Gaming and Myself after a hard fought Melee Against Cancer.

Thank you again to all those who are Helping Milo Melee Against Cancer.