Monday, 2 September 2013

Summers End...

Hey Everyone...

Its time to get back into the swing of things. This year has not been a great year for my miniatures hobby, to say the least.

With work, taking 50% if my time, and then with training for work, taking up about 25% of my free time.. this year, I have had little time to spare on my hobbies.

Good news is, with the coming of the fall, and me finally getting all of my training done for the year, means the next few months when I am home I will have time to do the things I want.

So, how about an update of what has been going on..

Most importantly, my dog Milo who in my previous post I mentioned was battling cancer, has healed from his surgeries and is waiting back from one last test to confirm if all the cancer is gone. He went in for a new procedure that can determine if there are any more tumours inside his body that we did not know about. His first scan was a few weeks ago, and they did find something, but they fully suspect that it is just a swollen lymph node. He goes back in a few weeks to see if there is any change. I am sure he will be ok. His health has been great, and he is fully recovered from the last operation.

Well, given my chaotic nature of work and time, I have laid down my air brush for a bit, and picked up my Living Card Games. "Star Wars" and "Lord of The Rings" it does not take much time to setup and play, and it also allows me to play online with friends, no matter where I am at, using the software OCTGN.

My Kickstarter "Robotech" stuff, I suspect should be here in a month or two.. I am hoping! I am excited about that, as currently my Khador army is pretty much painted, (table top quality) and I am looking for a change of mini style to paint.

My 15mm project is kinda on hold. I got a few more buildings setup on the table, but I still need to paint the buildings and make some road sections.. I also picked up the first expansion to Tomorrows War, "By Dagger or By Talon" from Ambush Alley Games.. I am looking forward to playing a few of the scenarios in it. But it does fix a few things, and add just enough to it to give me what I am looking for in a 15mm game. I am really looking forward to taking pictures of the games I play..

Well, as I said now that I will start having more time for this, you can soon start to see regular updates again..  Thanks for reading.

See you in a few!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Milo Melee Against Cancer Charity Event

Last week, my wife and I discovered that one of our dogs was diagnosed with having a form of skin cancer. Milo (A purebred Jack Russel Terrier Shorty) had to get a surgery to remove several tumors and there was no hesitation on us getting him in for it. Although healthcare in Canada is free, it does not extend to pets we had to dig deep to arrange the funds to cover for his surgery.

Resting the day after surgery. He is doing so much better on Day 2!

6 inch scar on his side from one tumor, one more on his elbow and one off his chest.

The local gaming community where I lived found out and quickly and on extremely short notice put together a small fundraising tournament of Warmachine/Hordes to help out. It goes with out saying that Milo, my wife and I are greatly moved by the care and support offered from all of them. From sales, private donations and from the Tourney we raised $700. This is a huge help in helping Milo get the help he needs.

The gaming community,  also know as Kitchen Warfare (group name on facebook) and Outcast Gaming (a newly opened game store in St. Johns also found on Facebook) provided the competitors and venue (free of charge).

Thank you all for your help and support at this time.

Kitchen Warfare members, the owner of Outcast Gaming and Myself after a hard fought Melee Against Cancer.

Thank you again to all those who are Helping Milo Melee Against Cancer.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

AWOL... Small Update


Everyone, I need to apologies for my lack of content in the last month and a bit..

I have been very busy with my hobby but I have not been taking pictures for some reason.. well, one reason is I forgot my camera for several events. And I have been very VERY busy painting my Khador Warmachine army.. I would say I am in the 90% area now of my painting. Also, did some work on my 15mm.

I am currently on the road again for work, so I dont have access to any of my stuff for the next few weeks but I did want to say that I was in a Warmachine, 50pt, one list caster kill tourney while I was home in which I won, and went undefeated... Took a Tier 4 Karchev Iron Curtain List. Happy about that..

Also been working on a few other projects and also got involved in my first kickstarter and got myself a nice pledge for the upcoming Robotech Game!! The price is to good to miss out on, and besides, its FREAKING Robotech! If you only ever plan on getting involved with one kickstarter, then this is the one to get in on.. Even if its just for the minis!

Robotech® RPG Tactics� -- Kicktraq Mini

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Battle of the Dragon Tongue River

Warmachine: Legion vs Khador

Last week I was able to have Tens from Basement Motive over for a game of Warmachine/Hordes. The game was 50 points and straight caster kill, His Legion army vs my Khador army which was an upgraded list from what I took to the tourney the week before.

The lists were as follows

Legion of Everblight 
Absylonia (Tier 4)
Shredder x3
Forsaken x2
Nephilim Soldier

Karchev (Tier 4)
Greylord Ternion
Battle Mechaniks and Officer 
Man-o-War Shock Troopers
Man-o-War Bombardiers
Man-o-War  Kovnik
Koldun Lord

The game started with me winning the roll off and I choose to let Tenz deploy first. With the Tier list he was able to advance deploy his shredders and advance move two heavy war beasts, the Ravagore and Carnivean. Which was done after the Khador initial deployment.

My force was deployed. After his advance moves I proceeded with my advanced moves my Man O War units.

Turn 1
Now it was time to get things underway. The Shredders were rushed to the front and loaded with Tenacity. The Ravagore advanced and launched its blast into the Man-o-war unit with the dragon fire animus. The initial target was destroyed with two more catching on fire. The Carnivean, Scythean and Soldier ran up behind the shredders. Two of the forsaken advanced towards the large beasts and absorbed the fury from the Carnivean and Scythean. Absylonia fell in behind the heavies while casting Forced Evolution on the Angelius and Carnivore on the Carnivean.

The Khadorian forces advanced closer targeting the shredders with their ranged attacks. Luckily for Tenz the Tenacitys +1 def made all the different with only one Shredder dying due to Karchev's Eruption spell. Also the Carnivean was hit by the Dozer of the Decimator pushing his beast back a inch. This would prove detrimental next turn for Tenz.

Turn 2
All spells were upkeep-ed for free due to Absylonia being resourceful. Tenz was unable to reave all the fury from the beasts so the two remaining Shredders were forced to make a bezerker check. Both failed with one charging the Scythean and the other his Raek. Minimal damage was dealt to the Scythean, but the Raek was wounded of its spirit.  The Ravagore advanced closer and lobbed another blast into the Man-o-war unit with more dragon fire. Killing its target and catching two others on fire. Absylonia then advanced forward applying Massacre to the Scythean and Carnivean. Tenacity was then applied to the Angelius and Soldier. 

The Carnivean would then attempt to charge the Man-o-war unit BUT due to the dozer hit would be just out of range and left hung out to dry! Brutal! The Scythean then charged the Decimator catching on fire from Eruption in the process. All hits from the Scythean would hit bringing the jack down to a few hits left. The Angelius and Soldier moved to the front of his Warlock and the Raek followed around behind. 

Karchev would activate calling for Unearthly Rage and Tow. He then moved away from the battle taking the wounded Decimator with him. The Battle Mechaniks then surrounded the wounded Man-o-wars and the Decimator and being to repair the wounded. The Berzerker charged the Scythean dealing some good damage. The ranged Man-o-wars and the Greylord Ternion unit then targeted the wounded beast ending its existence. The Kodiak would then charge the Carnivean but in a strange turn of events would be just out of range. (really, two failed charges in one game???)

Turn 3
Again The Ravagore advanced launching its blast at the Man-o-war unit with Dragon Fire. As before the initial target was destroyed along with a Mechnik. Absylonia would activate passing around Massacre to the Soldier and Angelius. Tenacity was then applied to Angelius and the Carnivean.  The Soldier then charge the Man-o-war killing it with two strikes. The Carnivean tore into a Man-o-war destroying it and finishing its attacks on the Kodiak doing some heavy damage. 

 The Angelius charged the Bezerker doing massive damage with its armor piercing attack. It continued to attack both the Kodiak and Bezerker leaving both with only a few hit points. 

With all its jacks damaged heavily the Khador force had to act. Avoiding all the melee frenzy the Khadorian force focused on Absylonia with its ranged attacks. The available Bombardiers fired at my Warlock with some minor damage inflicted. The Greylord unit would do the same with similar results. 

It came down to Karchev who fired its Fissue killing a few of its own models in the process but more importantly knocking down a few of my models. This opened the lane for his Eruption spell and targeted Tenz's Warlock. Karchev would boost to hit and just get Abyslonia. With a boosted damage roll she would go down. Khador win. 

Here's to the winner of the battle....but certainly not the war!!

The Victor!
Some Random Shots of the match.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Warmachine.... Doom Reaving

My last post had me saying I have not had the time to do any painting, well I finally managed to get some time to allow me to pull out the paint and start working on a few things.

I have finally got to start working on my Butcher List for Warmachine.. 

Here are a few shots on the progress..  Figured you would like to see them.

I still got some work to do on the swords.. and a few small details to paint, like the straps on his arm (see below pic) also a few more highlights, and I also need to do the base. But they are table top worthy, which means I can use them the next time I play. I just hate doing skin tones... and I still have Fenris left to paint as well, and he has a horse!

If any of you have any advice on skin tones, please let me know. I hate doing skin tones like the ones below so advice or critiques are very much welcomed.  

I also give you a little update on my 2013 project. I added a few shots of my new Game Craft Minis buildings and my city table. Need to come up with a good way to make roads and of course I need to paint the buildings.