Monday, 30 July 2012

Random Thought - What Do You Listen Too?

So, a little about myself. Me, I work away from home a lot. Works out being a little more then 6 months away from my home every year. So over the years, I developed a pretty good system of still being able to paint and stuff while away. So, I work a min of 12 hour days (While away), and at the end of the work day I tend to be pretty tired. But I still try and paint a few minis every so many nights. And the question I face many times is how do I get myself geared up to do it? what makes me want to paint? Well I listen to music. And for me, there are two main CDs that I listen too. #1 The Tron (Legacy) official movie sound track #2 Battle Star Galactica Official sound track. I feel like if I put any of these two CDs in, I am compelled to paint.. What about all of you?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

On the Work Bench: July 2012

So in order to not get swamped with un painted models, I decided to do a monthly painting list of things I need to get done. My focus is usually on the game I am playing the most at the given time, but still, I got a lot of things I need to complete.

Hopefully by next month I will have most of these done. It will go with out saying that my 15mm line is for anything I play from Ambush Alley Games

I also just picked up a new rules set from Two Hour Wargaming: Better Dead Then Zed, which I am looking forward to learning and playing. Its has a great RPG element to it. So I am planning on doing a Zombie Outbreak Campaign based in my home town of St. Johns. Should be fun!

Rebel Minis: 15mm
65+ zombies (Based and primed)
15 Zombie Dogs (Bare metal not based)
22 Speical forces (Based and primed)
12 Riot police/Swat (Based and primed)

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm
18 Federal Defense Exterminators (Based and Primed)
24 Med Tech full Body Armor Troopers (Completed)

Ground Zero Games: 15mm
36 UNSC Troops (Painted, Based, awaiting highlights)
2 wheeled APCs (Bare metal not based)
2 tracked tanks (Bare metal not based)
1 wheeled command vehicle (Bare metal not based)
4 Wheeled ROVs with Rocket Launchers (Bare metal not based)
1 missile launcher system (Bare metal not based)

Warmachime: 30mm
I got a bunch of models here, but due to security reasons I wont post them here till they are done and my local playing group has seen them first hand. Wanna keep em guessing. :)


Warhammer 40K: 28mm
I collect Space Wolves and Chaos Space marines but I have shelved the whole lot until the release of the new Chaos codex, later this year. Then not only will I be back to playing and painting GW models again, ill also be buying the new rulebook and the new codex at the same time. But I got more 40K stuff then anything else I own.. so to many to even think of posting here. I will leave you a few shots of some of my WIPs

Last but not least:

Rules Set: Future War Commander:
6mm with Dark Realm Miniatures (Seeds of War line)

This is a fun fast game, I really like it.. it has so much stuff to play with! At this point I am 99.9% competed in my Pax Arcadian army.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Ambush at Bonaventure Crossing,.. Tomorrows War Battle Report

So, One of the games I mentioned I liked to play is anything from Ambush Alley Games, one of their games I like is called Tomorrows War. Its a futuristic open ended rules set which you can create your own near future war craft. So I got some new 15mm vehicles in from Ground Zero Games and I put them together, and put a coat of primer on them. At that point, I was so so excited on playing a game I decided to play a solo game of Tomorrows War. This was my first go at playing with vehicles in this system, and I learned a very valuable lesson in the first game I played. Let me set the scene...

  A small recon force was moving up through a small village in enemy territory. The lead element a medium tank moving along the city streets when an ambush was sprung. A road side bomb was triggered, and the blast ripped through its under armor, killing most of the crew.
 The rear elements of the recon force looked ahead in shock and horror and try to mount a rescue. Lead Tank struck by a road side bomb.
 The armored APC, just down the road moves up to attempt to rescue the survivors. Meanwhile, the insurgents (which to my downfall, I declared were on the roof of the building.) The APC moves up, and gets attacked by the Insurgents. As it rounds the corner of the building, it spots the near by enemy troops preparing to fire. The Apc reacts first and manages to mow down the entire group, save 1. Who runs away behind a near by building.
 But as the APC tries to engage the group on the building, they are to slow, allowing the group on top of the building to fire its shoulder mounted RPG. A direct hit, blowing the heavy mounted pules weapon clear off from the turret.
At this point, a small fire team jumps out of the APC to engage the near by insurgents, Just as they jump out, anothe RPG rocks the APC, and knocks it out. Crew and the remaining passengers (8 more) bail out. It is now start of turn 3, I had 6 turns to rescue people out of the tank. Its not looking good at this point. As the teams pull their men out of the wreckage, they find out just how bad things are. Save the first team which jumped out of the APC just prior to the second RPG attack, there are 3 heavily wounded, 3 killed, and 2 lightly wounded. This includes the 3 crew members.
 The commander knowing full well that it was a lost cause to try and save who ever was left in the burning tank, decides to call a full retreat, leaving the burning wreckage behind, they disengage from the battle. So, what did I learn? Troops with anti tank weapons in higher level of buildings are deadly..

The next time I play this game, A) I will engage the troops at heights first, B) Not place them on the roof tops in the first place. At the start of the 3 turn the score was. 11-0 for the Insurgents. Either way it was a fun game, and I will try this again when I get some more stuff painted.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Everyone Needs A Few Buildings..


Now with any type of war game, most people at some point love to have massive city fights. And for me, I am no different, in fact I got to have me some buildings. So, to go with my 15mm aspect of my hobby, I needed to get some and get them fast to satisfy my craving for Urban Warfare. 

I was going to buy some of the many products that were out there, but I realized that its expensive, and not only that, it takes time to ship it, build it, and paint it. And I wanted something a little more then home made foam core boxes on the table, but I didnt want to have to spend an arm and a leg to get a city either.

So, what did I do?

One of my solutions was from a website called World Works Games.. Paper minis.. Paper!?

Its cheap, instant, and once you buy it, you can build as much as you want. So I picked up a few sets from them. First set was Mars Station, which is a series of Sci Fi looking buildings, and other off world objects. Now these buildings are a little more involved to make, and it takes some time to make 1 building, but the results are fantastic.

I also picked up some of their quick scenics options: Necrotec building and Corporate Building  Very fast to make, and it comes with a lot of little options you can add on. Better yet, you can build a basic building in about 15 mins from print to cut..

My goal, is to make enough buildings to have a good small 2x2 of city fight terrain. My ultimate goal with this is to be able to play smaller games of Ambush Z, combined with Tomorrow's War to have a fun sci fi horror 

Now below is a few shots of some of these kits.. I recently put together.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Now I've Gone and Done It...

Here it is!

My first attempt to do a modelling/war gaming blog..

My goals of this blog is to help share my enjoyment of my hobby, post pictures, post game reports, and also a place for me to vent when I feel the need.

Now this blog is in its first humble beginnings, so do think this is going to be something special or totally mind blowing. At the most, it may be possibly and mildly entertaining. Well, that's what I am hoping for. I am hoping to make a post maybe once a week. I would like to say every Monday from now on. Don't hold me to it, you may find yourself disappointed.

So, what games am I into.. well you name it, I most likely play it. I have a 3 main games I tend to get involved in. Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and anything by Ambush Alley Games, Tomorrows War, Force on Force and Ambush Z.

So.. ill leave my first blog as simple as this.. but I will post pic I took while playing a game of Tomorrows War just last week.