Monday, 2 September 2013

Summers End...

Hey Everyone...

Its time to get back into the swing of things. This year has not been a great year for my miniatures hobby, to say the least.

With work, taking 50% if my time, and then with training for work, taking up about 25% of my free time.. this year, I have had little time to spare on my hobbies.

Good news is, with the coming of the fall, and me finally getting all of my training done for the year, means the next few months when I am home I will have time to do the things I want.

So, how about an update of what has been going on..

Most importantly, my dog Milo who in my previous post I mentioned was battling cancer, has healed from his surgeries and is waiting back from one last test to confirm if all the cancer is gone. He went in for a new procedure that can determine if there are any more tumours inside his body that we did not know about. His first scan was a few weeks ago, and they did find something, but they fully suspect that it is just a swollen lymph node. He goes back in a few weeks to see if there is any change. I am sure he will be ok. His health has been great, and he is fully recovered from the last operation.

Well, given my chaotic nature of work and time, I have laid down my air brush for a bit, and picked up my Living Card Games. "Star Wars" and "Lord of The Rings" it does not take much time to setup and play, and it also allows me to play online with friends, no matter where I am at, using the software OCTGN.

My Kickstarter "Robotech" stuff, I suspect should be here in a month or two.. I am hoping! I am excited about that, as currently my Khador army is pretty much painted, (table top quality) and I am looking for a change of mini style to paint.

My 15mm project is kinda on hold. I got a few more buildings setup on the table, but I still need to paint the buildings and make some road sections.. I also picked up the first expansion to Tomorrows War, "By Dagger or By Talon" from Ambush Alley Games.. I am looking forward to playing a few of the scenarios in it. But it does fix a few things, and add just enough to it to give me what I am looking for in a 15mm game. I am really looking forward to taking pictures of the games I play..

Well, as I said now that I will start having more time for this, you can soon start to see regular updates again..  Thanks for reading.

See you in a few!