Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Warmachine.... Doom Reaving

My last post had me saying I have not had the time to do any painting, well I finally managed to get some time to allow me to pull out the paint and start working on a few things.

I have finally got to start working on my Butcher List for Warmachine.. 

Here are a few shots on the progress..  Figured you would like to see them.

I still got some work to do on the swords.. and a few small details to paint, like the straps on his arm (see below pic) also a few more highlights, and I also need to do the base. But they are table top worthy, which means I can use them the next time I play. I just hate doing skin tones... and I still have Fenris left to paint as well, and he has a horse!

If any of you have any advice on skin tones, please let me know. I hate doing skin tones like the ones below so advice or critiques are very much welcomed.  

I also give you a little update on my 2013 project. I added a few shots of my new Game Craft Minis buildings and my city table. Need to come up with a good way to make roads and of course I need to paint the buildings.