Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Target Identified.. Enemy SAM Site Operational.


Reports show us that the rebels have just managed to set up a SAM site just west of the river. If we dont knock it out before the Emergency VTOL passes, we are gonna loose are air mobile medics in one  giant ball of flames..

In 7 turns or less, pass through the forest, cross the river, enter the city limits and take out the SAM site in the building on the far west of the map.

9 Tech Level 1, D8,D8 Troops, Split into 2 fire teams, Smart rifle in each fire team, and 1 flamer unit.

Bad Guys..
Tech Level 1 D6,D8 Troops,
Re enforcement Levels 4+
1-2: 3 regular troops, no leader
3-4: 2 regular Troops, 1 SAW
5     1 Regular Troop 1 SAW , 1 leader
6     2 Saw, 1 Leader

Battle Area

Starting on the far right, the Marines need to get to the base of the building containing the SAM on the far left in 7 turns.

It looks so far away!

The starting point.

Fire Team B with the flamer break right and engage the rebels with the flamer. Leaving no one alive..

Fire Team A moves up on the left flank and engages the rebels.. the swiftness of the assault surprises the Rebels.

Move up to the riverside and engage the enemy, preparing to cross.
From the veiw point of the |Rebels, the Marines take the beach head

All or Nothing and time running out, the troops charge across the open field, remarkably the dice were with them..  (Rebels open fire and roll all failures!!)

Helmet cam shot just before destroying the Sam Site. (I can't wait to paint the SAM)