Sunday, 17 March 2013

Games on the Road.

Hey all.

Its been awhile since I last posted anything interesting. I was delayed getting back home and there are things going on that are out of my control right now, so I have been a little delayed in getting anything posted.

The biggest issue I have been faced with, is that I have not painted a single thing since I got home last week. To much has been on the go.

But I do have some things to report. #1 I managed to get to a small tourney for Warmachine early last week. So I took a 35 point tier 3 Karchev list. Out of 8, I placed 4th, and really got the same prize as 3rd. I was happy with that. I faced all Hordes players, only 1 other person was their with Warmachine and he took first,  he to was fielding a Khador Army.. his was a tier 4 Epic Butcher list... all doom reavers all the time..  Nasty list.

Here is what showed up.
2 Khador Armies
3 Minions
1 Troll Bloods
1 Legion
1 Skorn

So, then after that I decided to take that afternoon and drive out to my cousins place and stay the night, and do some serious hardcore gaming. We planned on playing mainly LOTR the card game, but it ended up we never got to play it. We got hooked on playing FFG`s X Wing. Which is a really good game.

We played three games of X Wing...

Steve said he always played the Rebels and has yet to loose. I jumped all over the idea of flying Tie Fighters so I had to give it a go.

First game pitted a rookie pilot and a veteran vs a veteran X Wing pilot. And then the rebels lost their first pilot. :)

Then we played game 2, which was 3 Tie Fighters vs Wedge. Even his ace flying was not enough and  before two long, Wedge was debris floating in space.

`The force is strong in this one..

Then we decided to play a scenario which brought Vader and 3 other pilots on a mission to shoot down a crippled freighter. Defending them was Luke and Wedge. 
On the initial attack run, one of the tie fighters is blown away. But the three others charge in and put the smack down on the freighter. 

With such tight quarters, the rookie pilot got in the way and ended up disrupting the attack run. While the X wings turn around and take out another TIE fighter.
The freighter ducks away and the traffic jams continue.  Now only the rookie pilot is left to be Vader`s wing man.

Hot on its trail. Vader starts to blow away sections of the space ship. The X wings unable to stop him.
Vader locks on target and prepares to fire. 

Vader needs one more shot, but the pilot of the space craft makes a sneaky move, so the edge of his ship just touches the maps edge.. Rebel win.

Luke and Wedge take parting shots at Vader, but the Sith Lord is to great of a pilot and  breaks off the attack.

Then we played a few games of Gear of War, also from FFG. This deceptively simple game kicked our butts 4 times before we could finish the first mission. I wont walk through the pictures, this was our 4th game. The last pic shows steve bleeding out, and me about to throw a grenade to seal the hole. When I did we were set upon by 2 boomers and 2 wretches.. I never had a chance.

5 times it took us.. 5!!!

With Steve bleeding out, I throw my last grenade and die shortly there after.

I am currently now working on my Khador armies for painting I hope to have a few shots of those guys up soon.

Till then..