Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Making Due... 5150 Star Army


I am on a transatlantic tow for work. We have been delayed another few days which means when I finally get home I will be pushing the 30+ day mark.

So craving a good game, I figured I would play a game designed by  +Ed TheTHWguy of #twohourwargames "5150" When I goto work, I always traveling with my dice, so all I needed was a table and some minis. I started with flat chits with scribbles on them and the spare bunk in my cabin as my board... next thing I know its a full on paper minis setup in my cabin using what ever I could scavenge from the rig.  Guess that was the miniwargamer in me.

I wonder what it will look like in 4 more weeks!

Anyways, this will gives me the chance to really dig into the game and rules as I really haven't played it enough since I first bought it, I should be able to put a good solo campaign together over the next 4 weeks.