Friday, 12 June 2015

The Battle of New Terra (A 5150 Campaign)

This is my first attempt of an actual real campaign game. The last few days I have been practicing with the rules and getting a rules down pat. Now its time to begin the campaign.

Controlling Star Army (Moral 3, IL 3) vs the Contesting Hishen (Moral 4, IL 1)

Patrol Mission. City Outskirts of New Terra, 0900
Mission: Recon sector and confirm if any Hishen have advanced into this sector. Avoid unnecessary casualties and return upon completion.

Locke moves his squad into the SE corner of town. His mission is to confirm enemy sightings in the area.
3 PEFs appear, sectors 1, 3 and 5. Sector 5 turns out to be the bad case of the nerves and nothing is there.

Locke fails to activate while the PEFs in sector 1 and 3 move towards him.

There are sounds of movement ahead that seems to be coming from the building, but again it turns out that there is only a few rats in the old warehouse.

Locke and squad moves towards the warehouse and no PEF is generated, meanhile a in sight check is made vs the last PEF. 2D6 passed, and its a roll on the enforcements chart. Total result:3 Nothing! Locke and his squad complete the recon with out incident.
It appears that the rumored contact in the outskirts was nothing but enemy propaganda, as the sector contains nothing but shadows and silence. Not falling for the bait, the Star Army can send its troops on the full attack.

This was my very first game, with no contact what so ever. It was an easy win, but Ill take it none the less.