Monday, 20 July 2015

Urban Camo Scheme: Official Pattern for the "1st Terra Nova Regiment"

The other day, I happend to find in a dollar store two packs of green plastic army men. And in each pack there was a green tank.

So, always looking for new armor I figured that these tanks would be a good fit, so for 2.30.. I got the bags. They also came with a missile truck..

I also been wanting to practice my camo painting with my air brush using tape masking. Figured these would be as good as any before I start on my good models.

Sprayed them with a base black coat

I put the truck in so you can see what it looked like before paint.

Side view mask

Turret mask

After I had that mask applied, I then sprayed everything with a dark grey color.

Here is the darker grey color, with the added masking.

I used long triangle patterns in the tape.

When I had that mask applied , I Then sprayed everything with a very lighter grey, which I forgot to take a picture of before I took the masking off.. (I was to excited to see how it really looked)

And now for the reveal..

When the tape was removed.
This is how it looked.
Using the same technique, I painted a Matchbox "Bat" 
And now over time I will pick away at the details.

Over all, I am very pleased with the way the color worked and the pattern itself. I am also very happy with the tanks! I think I am going to put the Bat on a stand. I will also need to put a layer of clear coat to seal everything in.