Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Urban Combat: The City

I am a big fan of urban combat. When I was into 40K, I could not play enough City Fight games..

Since then, I have been progressing more and more with 15mm and 6mm games and I have been wanting to make a urban map for some time. Yesterday, saying to myself that I want to play some games, decided it was time to start with my city project that I said I was gonna start 2 years ago. Also, when I was on my 5 week voyage across the Atlantic, I was having so much fun making the city terrain out of parts from work, it got me kinda pumped to actually start my table.

The day is finally here...

First of all, a quick tip, when you deal with foam core board, if you go to Wall Mart or some other chain store you are gonna pay an arm and a leg for supplies. I recommend going to a Dollarama (dollar store) and get supplies there. I got 8 sheets of foam core, 2 fold-able project foam core boards, and several small gift boxes (buildings), and some tools for less then 25 bucks.. Yes, its lower quality, its very soft, and it scratches easy, but its so darn easy to work with. So, take it from me, cheap foam core.. the cheaper the better!

Stage 1:

I cut out 8 (10.5 inch) square blocks and glued them to the project board. I chose to go on an angle, as I think game tables look a little better when everything is not perpendicular.

Stage 2:

Then I trimmed off the over hanging pieces and used them to fill in some of the larger empty spots on the table. I also sliced the white sections  along the fold lines of the project board so I can "fold" up the base for storage. Doing it this way also allows me to change the size of the base.. I can have a small game on a 24 x 36 inch table, or a  36 x 36 inch table, or lastly a 36 x 48 inch table.

White squares cut along the fold lines of the board.
Stage 3:

Then I started to mess around with my buildings and see how many different ways I could lay out the buildings..

Stage 4:

After playing with this, I decided to base coat everything with spray paint. I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures of the progress. But I panted everything black first, and then I painted the squares grey. But these are just base coats. Over time, I plan on adding lots of little details (side walks, highway lines, bill boards, removable lamp posts and textures . But till then, I have a functional table that I can use now when I play.

The darker buildings are going to be burnt out ruins, hence why they are charred black.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe over the next week I will be able to get a game or two in and see how it works.

Thanks for reading!