Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tomorrows War - Village Battle Shots..

So, here are a few more pics on my smaller 2x2 table.

Blue and Green forces are both tasked with entering the small outpost and capture what ever buildings they could. The Buildings are worth a VP between 0-3 VPs. Which was determined after the end of turn 4. Recon Overview of the Outpost. Green Team enters from NW quadrant, while Blue Team enters from the SE quadrant. Both Forces equal strength and equipped. D8/D8
Green Team 1 and 2 wins the INI. Green Team gets into the top left building while Green Team 2 runs towards the lower left building.
Blue Team 1 takes up positions in the bottom right building
While BT 2 moves north towards the upper right hand building.
Green Team 2 and Blue Team 1 engage each other, taking shots across the narrow gap between buildings.
Green Team 1 goes onto Overwatch.
Blue Team 2 Pops smoke to try and grab the last building across the open street but is mowed down and pinned behind the steel fence.
Blue Team moves out of the building to provide First Aid to its fallen team members, taking several wounds disengaging. It gets to BT 2 to find out there were several serious wounds and even a KIA. Green Team 1 fires as it moves up to engage the Blue Teams.. more wounds are caused and BT 2 is pinned.
Turn 4, for kicks, started with the remaining Blue team charging GT 1, and getting mowed down by the defensive fire. Blue team concedes, and Green Team wins with 1 building worth 1VP.
Very fun fast game, took only 30 mins or so once everything was explained.