Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Work, Travel and Space Wolves...


Some people may be wondering, how come not many updates after the mad influx of stuff a few weeks ago?

Well, thats cause I travel for work, and I am gone for 3-4 weeks at a time. So, while I am away I usually dont get to post things.

What I do do, is take a small paint kit with me and paint while I am away. I try to paint a few things every couple of days or so. That way, when I get home I am that much further ahead, as I tend to make terrain and work on my tables.

 Well I can say, so far this time away I have not painted as many 15mm figures as I would have liked. I only got maybe 12 done in about 2 weeks, when I was hoping for about twice that.

But I figured I would post some of my older stuff I been working on with my 40K aspect. I really want to keep this site active, so Ill show you some of my projects.

I mentioned before I play 40K, but I stopped last year, refusing to play another game until 6th got released and they updated the Chaos Codex.. Well, time is getting close and I am starting to fight the urge to go out and buy the new rule book..

Anyways, I have only two armies now.. Chaos Space Marines, and Space Wolves (who also stand in for Ultramarines when in the mood to play Calgar :-D )

Below is one of my WIP Lone Wolf.

Here I have 3 space wolves which are intended to have the Marks of the Wulfen. They all have the open face mask, and some sort of ancient weapon. So here is two grey hunters and a scout (in the middle)

Here, in this one is one of my Space wolf scouts with a plasma pistol.

And to close it all off, here is my scratch built custom wolf priest I am working on as well.

And just a slide show of more of the above.