Monday, 30 July 2012

Random Thought - What Do You Listen Too?

So, a little about myself. Me, I work away from home a lot. Works out being a little more then 6 months away from my home every year. So over the years, I developed a pretty good system of still being able to paint and stuff while away. So, I work a min of 12 hour days (While away), and at the end of the work day I tend to be pretty tired. But I still try and paint a few minis every so many nights. And the question I face many times is how do I get myself geared up to do it? what makes me want to paint? Well I listen to music. And for me, there are two main CDs that I listen too. #1 The Tron (Legacy) official movie sound track #2 Battle Star Galactica Official sound track. I feel like if I put any of these two CDs in, I am compelled to paint.. What about all of you?