Monday, 24 December 2012

1st Squad - Completed. Khurasan Miniatures

So, other then finishing off the bases of the Colonial Marines, I pretty much got the first squad completed.

I was going to add in more detail, but figured that it would be to much for such a small scale. So I left it as is.. Here are the WIP shots... Some of my most favorite 15mm Models of all time by Khurasan Miniatures. I ordered anther wack load of them just the other day.. Cant wait to play them!

Here are the WIP shots of some of them. Oh and for the record.. I am starting to record the paints I am using, so I dont forget the next time I paint them. Here are the Main Colors.

Celery Green - Base Coat
Thrakka Green - Wash
BoltGun Metal
Baddab Black - Wash
Sable Brown
Deviln Mud - Wash