Friday, 21 December 2012

The Killing Room...

I have several good friends who I get to enjoy playing all types of games with. Board Games, Role Playing Games and Minis.. One good friend and Cousin (once removed -Dont ask what the once removed means??) decided to drive out and visit me. We live about 1 and a half hours apart, and since he moved, our games have been limited to games played on line, or Fanatsy Grounds II to play RPGS. So, we made a deal. That deal was we take turns driving out to the other persons home, spending the day or night playing games. Its always good to be able to know that you have a friend who is willing to do that.. thats a true mark of a good gamer friend. This was our second time, and he came to my place this time. So I introduced him to "Tomorrows War" and we played a quick 15 point game of Warmachine. In my previous post, I mentioned I have a lair and for laughs I called it the Thunderdome. But it was not insulated, nor was it heated, so it quickly got called the Freezer Dome. So, last week I purchased some clear sheet plastic and took a quarter of the Garage and walled it off, I also installed several portable heaters. Its still not warm in there, but its comfortable and your hands dont go numb. Anyways, Steve showed up and quickly renamed the lair to the "Killing Room" as it kinda looked like a scene from the TV show Dexter. So.. with the new name firmly established we set off on a few games.
So we started with a small game of Tomorrows war, with equal teams of 2 squads, (4 fire teams each) Starting in opposite corners, we said the objectives would to capture the corner building in the others starting zone. My troops quickly moved into position and got fired upon from the troops across the way on the high tower.
Steve then moved his troops, getting ready to make the attack forward but came under heavy fire from my own, driving him back into cover.
Seeing the chance, one of my fire teams decides to make a run and try to flank Steve. But as they broke from cover they got hammered by several units.. nearly wiping them all out before they could cross the road.
With several fire exchanges, be being slowly whittled away my last fire team of fresh troops decides to charge the objective.. they never made it. With accurate fire from the men manning the tower, they never got across the fence.
At the end of this small exchange I decided to cut my losses and call it over. Steve clearly had the advantage as he decided to wait for me to make the first move.. I did, and I failed in my gambit. Then we decided to play a small game of Warmachine, Khador vs Menoth. Here are a few pictures of that!