Sunday, 30 December 2012

Comparing the Troops


I am trying to establish two distinctly different forces with to my Tomorrows War gaming.
That way, when I have friends over we can pick and choose our forces and each would have their own feel for things.

Using the Point Balancing System Spread sheet form Ambush Alley Games I made up some what I thought would be a good mix. I will let you all know how it plays out when I have a few test games later on.

UNSC Troops - Ground Zero Games

Concept: A very high tech, combat armed force. Relaying more on advanced/superior technology to win out the day then grit and determination.
10 Troops:
High Confidence
Supply: Normal
Grid Enabled: Yes Grid TL 3
Body Armor: D2 TL3
Two Med Support Laser Weapons TL 3 AP2/AT0
Advanced Sensors
AFA Training
Weapons TL 3
Sensors TL 3
Stealth TL3
Cost 293pts

Human Defense Force - Khurasan

Concept: A very highly trained low tech force, who believe superior firepower and weight of arms will be a deciding factor. Backed by earth pounding artillery, no one will stand in their way.
9 Troops
High Confidence
Supply: High
Grid Enabled:Yes Grid TL1
Body Armor 2D TL2
2 Medium TL 2 ABW (Smart Guns) AP2/AT0 (Cost: 63x2)
Old School
Forwards Observer
Weapons TL1
Sensors TL1
Stealth TL 1
Close Combat Weapons
Cost 259pts