Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Everyone Needs A Few Buildings..


Now with any type of war game, most people at some point love to have massive city fights. And for me, I am no different, in fact I got to have me some buildings. So, to go with my 15mm aspect of my hobby, I needed to get some and get them fast to satisfy my craving for Urban Warfare. 

I was going to buy some of the many products that were out there, but I realized that its expensive, and not only that, it takes time to ship it, build it, and paint it. And I wanted something a little more then home made foam core boxes on the table, but I didnt want to have to spend an arm and a leg to get a city either.

So, what did I do?

One of my solutions was from a website called World Works Games.. Paper minis.. Paper!?

Its cheap, instant, and once you buy it, you can build as much as you want. So I picked up a few sets from them. First set was Mars Station, which is a series of Sci Fi looking buildings, and other off world objects. Now these buildings are a little more involved to make, and it takes some time to make 1 building, but the results are fantastic.

I also picked up some of their quick scenics options: Necrotec building and Corporate Building  Very fast to make, and it comes with a lot of little options you can add on. Better yet, you can build a basic building in about 15 mins from print to cut..

My goal, is to make enough buildings to have a good small 2x2 of city fight terrain. My ultimate goal with this is to be able to play smaller games of Ambush Z, combined with Tomorrow's War to have a fun sci fi horror 

Now below is a few shots of some of these kits.. I recently put together.