Sunday, 22 July 2012

On the Work Bench: July 2012

So in order to not get swamped with un painted models, I decided to do a monthly painting list of things I need to get done. My focus is usually on the game I am playing the most at the given time, but still, I got a lot of things I need to complete.

Hopefully by next month I will have most of these done. It will go with out saying that my 15mm line is for anything I play from Ambush Alley Games

I also just picked up a new rules set from Two Hour Wargaming: Better Dead Then Zed, which I am looking forward to learning and playing. Its has a great RPG element to it. So I am planning on doing a Zombie Outbreak Campaign based in my home town of St. Johns. Should be fun!

Rebel Minis: 15mm
65+ zombies (Based and primed)
15 Zombie Dogs (Bare metal not based)
22 Speical forces (Based and primed)
12 Riot police/Swat (Based and primed)

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm
18 Federal Defense Exterminators (Based and Primed)
24 Med Tech full Body Armor Troopers (Completed)

Ground Zero Games: 15mm
36 UNSC Troops (Painted, Based, awaiting highlights)
2 wheeled APCs (Bare metal not based)
2 tracked tanks (Bare metal not based)
1 wheeled command vehicle (Bare metal not based)
4 Wheeled ROVs with Rocket Launchers (Bare metal not based)
1 missile launcher system (Bare metal not based)

Warmachime: 30mm
I got a bunch of models here, but due to security reasons I wont post them here till they are done and my local playing group has seen them first hand. Wanna keep em guessing. :)


Warhammer 40K: 28mm
I collect Space Wolves and Chaos Space marines but I have shelved the whole lot until the release of the new Chaos codex, later this year. Then not only will I be back to playing and painting GW models again, ill also be buying the new rulebook and the new codex at the same time. But I got more 40K stuff then anything else I own.. so to many to even think of posting here. I will leave you a few shots of some of my WIPs

Last but not least:

Rules Set: Future War Commander:
6mm with Dark Realm Miniatures (Seeds of War line)

This is a fun fast game, I really like it.. it has so much stuff to play with! At this point I am 99.9% competed in my Pax Arcadian army.