Sunday, 3 February 2013

2013 Project. Humans Vs Aliens

One of my major inspirations for Scfi gaming has been this movie (Battle Los Angeles) since its release. I really enjoy a good action movie like this. So I figure that I would develop my new game table into a 4x4 ruined city, and have a new force of miniatures for the alien invaders.
That leads me to my question, and I would like your help. What mini ranges out there would best give the feel of these invaders?
I am torn as to what I should get. I am leaning towards the Insectoids or the Brogg  from Khurasan and rebel minis .So tell what you think and post it. Thanks!Jolly
Perhaps you know of another mini....???
Anyone out there have anything that looks like this?
Battle Los Angeles
Good news, I already ordered a pile of stuff from Game Craft Miniatures, so the city is already underway.