Sunday, 10 February 2013

5150: Star Army Basic Training - Target Practice


So, the last few days I have decided to start to learn a new ruleset from Two Hour Wargames. 5150: Star Army.

What I decided to do was place a few figures on the table, set up a basic training area and start trying some of the basic mechanics of the game.

So, with volunteers from the Terra Nova PDF, a small squad entered into the training field and broke off into 2 opposing teams of 4.

Each team had is wearing Soft Body Armor and as a SAW weapon and a leader with a rep of 4, and for that matter, everyone was a rep 4.
Armed with the latest Non Lethal Electronic Weapons and Immobilization Harness Systems, the two forces faced off.

Blue Squad needs to run past the alley way to the other building across the street.

Green Squad lay in wait. Target practice is fun!

Blue Squad rapid moves across the street, the first two members enter the alleyway triggering an in site test from the green squads SAW gunner and regular. The rest of the blue squad move 2 more inches. Sadly for the Blue Squad, two of their members are left in the open. The site test was passed 2d6, so the green squad opens up. The SAW gunner fires 2 shots each, rolling a 12+4 and a 9+4 rep, two hits. The Impact rolls results in Knocked down for both Blue members. Which then triggers two out of the fight results. The second green squad member fires 2 shots at the lead guy, and 1 more at the leader. Scoring a 7+4 and a 2+4 (miss) this results in a second knocked down and OOF result for the lead blue squad mate..

This results in a man down test, which the Blue squad gets a duck back result. The two remaining blue guys are with in 4 inches of two down members so try and retrieve them. (This is where I get a little unclear of how this works) So far they rapid moved for 6 (they still have 2 more inches before they need to roll for rapid move) So they move their remaining 2 inches to pick up the wounded members, this triggers another in site test, and the end results were much of the same, the last two were out of the fight.

So the question I have from here is if they did manage to retrieve the two members with out getting mowed down, how would have the movement work out?

I am allowed upto 6 inches of duck back movement, do I used this allowed movement to retrieve my fallen members, or do I get to use the rest of my rapid move which I decleared earlier but never had the chance to use yet?

So 2 inches to get to the fallen members, and then the last 4 inches to move back to cover? 


Move 2 inches of my regular move (now at 8 total, do my rapid move test) and move the remainder of that, and then add in the 6 inches for fall back?